Friday, February 16, 2007
Well, we are still in Gilbert.We took the RV to the shop yesterday and ,amongst other things,had the generator disconnected.Hopefully we are straightened out now.
Our "gray water tank" was full so we were going to empty it and the bumper of the RV got stuck on Sherry's very nice iron fence.We told them there was no charge for the fence art but she really didn't buy into that.So...we have a little cutting and welding to do before we leave!
Our plan is to leave early Saturday morning and will make Angel Haven before night fall.
We hope you are all enjoying the pictures.We sure enjoy taking them.
Sherry,Charlie and thier family have been wonderful to us and hope someday they will make it to S.C. so we can return the favor.They are trying to plan it so they can catch up with us as we come back thru Arizona.
I hope all is well at home and know we miss you all.
Love to all,

Okay, FESS UP! Who was driving when the fence got hooked ?!?
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