Friday, February 16, 2007

This is Emily. She helps out Sherry and Charlie with their horses. She has a really nice grey (in my eyes) I love greys. I wish her all the best and hope she goes far in life. She has a great heart. Emily stay in touch with us and God bless.


Hello Andi....great to see ya'll on the trail...I know how much this trip has meant to you ..and for how long....enjoy. The girls said to tell you they love you and cant wait to catch up to the caravan in Texas later this year.
Be careful and hope all goes well

Luv ya

Randy and the girls
Hey yaw, it's Doug and Kayla here( kayla doing the typing) but we wanted to stop by the website and see how yaw were doing and tell yaw that we miss yaw so much but that we are so happy for all of you because we know how much this means to you guys. Edie things on the farm are good, sprout is doing good, she still doesn't like the fact that I took her Doug but I think she is finally getting used to it. Marla, shiloh is doing really good, she is SO sweet. I may just have her spoiled before yaw get back. Andi, I miss ya alot, it isnt the same without my grandma. Doug says he loves you guys and he will call you soon.

We love you guys!!
Love Doug and Kayla
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