Monday, February 19, 2007
  Edie riding to CA>

Edie took a lot of beating today. She had to deal with the sand, wind and cold on this trek. You did great Edie.

Thanks for updating the blog. We check the site each day for updates to your journey, so please let us know where you are and how you are all doing. We are so glad to have met all you ladies, it is an amazing feat within itself to travel as far as you all are, let alone doing it by horseback. If you need anything at anytime please let us know, we will help our new friends however we can. We look forward to seeing you all again soon when you come back through AZ.
Just thought I'd leave another comment to let you know I'm still reading ;-)
(I put up some pictures of Naja here--
We have been keeping up with your trip. Hope things are going good.We are proud of what you are doing and you are in our prayers. Looks like you have seen some beautiful places. Can't wait for us to go somewhere. thanks for updating the blogs, I check them everyday.
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