Saturday, January 06, 2007
Well all the work I put into caulking the RV was for nothing.Even though it is an exterior caulk and waterproof,it some how ran down the side of the RV during the latest rain and it now looks as though it has been whitewashed!!!Meanwhile,Edie,Andi,Kenny and Jacob(our 8 year old nephew) are steadily working on the trailer and have had somewhat the oppisite affect.Thier faces are as black as coal from grinding dust!!They washed up before I could get a picture.The donations are starting to come in and we are so grateful to all.We got the panels yesterday .We counldn't have done it without you.
Mary and Julie met today.It was a moment for us.We took some pictures and get them on as soon as we can.The difference between the two because of thier strokes is incredible.If we can make one person aware of stroke symptoms ,it will be worth it all.Let's hope it's not you!!!

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