Wednesday, January 31, 2007
  Time Flies....
It has been so hectic around here! Each of us has been off in a different direction trying to tie up all the loose ends. It is coming together though and we can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. All systems are go for our scheduled departure on February 7th. So many people have stepped up to help us in many areas. J.C., (from J.C.'s truck repair) as well as my son J.C., have worked hard to get the RV and the generator on speaking terms. We can pick it up today, so I assume it is finally A-OK. Both J.C.'s want everything to go as smooth and safely as possible for us. It is so nice to know how many people have our well-being in mind. My pastor, Dale Dunton, is coming this morning to put the logo and lettering on the trailer. I will miss my church family terribly while I am gone. Many thanks to them all for supporting our effort. Jericho has to get his health certificate and final booster shots today. More later... Peace and blessings... Andi

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