Sunday, January 07, 2007
  Thanks Jessi!
Sunday Jan.7th, 2007 - Well guys, it is one month to blast off! Am I the only one that can feel the big black locomotive coming at us at 100 miles an hour? Somehow, I think not! Thanks a million, Jessi, for the fabulous picture of Naja and Ryan and the good report you gave me today! It made my day. It is so hard to have to be seperated from my fur buddies, but knowing they are in such wonderful, loving homes and that they are content (as Naja obviously is in Ryans lap!) makes it easier. Linda and her lovely family, Mary Ann and her girls, and of course, Robin and her crew have made my life so much more relaxed because I know I don't have to worry about my babies while I am gone. I appreciate you all so much more than you know. God is good. Tomorrow is another day... so much to do... I have great team mates and it is truly a privilege to be part of such a talented and hard working group. Love to all, Andi

We are glad to help. It is great for the girls to learn to be givers and servants.
hey andi.figured this one out
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