Wednesday, January 03, 2007
  Our First Media Attention!
January 3rd... Hey guys! Have you noticed how fast time seems to be flying as we get closer to "D" day? Jericho was moved from his muddy pen to a 3 acre pasture where he can run and play and have a horse buddy,(Mason) to play with. There was no way I could keep ahead of the mud during this rainy time. My friend, Robin, (who is fostering several of our animals along with her six, yes, count them, six beautiful daughters, who are helping her), came to our rescue and picked him up this morning. She volunteered to help out, (a virtual answer to prayer), and move him to her place. He was very happy when I left him this morning. A huge thank you to... (lets see if I can get this right) Robin, Rachel,Laura,Jessi, Katie,Sarah and Olivia!??And I can't forget the patient husbands... Randy and Ryan.
We made the paper in Abbeville today! It is our very first media attention so far. Looks like the Carolina Trekkers are an official entity! Wanda is busy working on our MY SPACE page, Marla is in Greenville doing errands and getting our shirts to the place to be embroidered, Edie is busy welding our top rack for the horse trailer. It looks great! Oh, by the way Marla, you did a great job caulking the front of the RV. Looks like Wanda will be "high and dry" in her bunk, thanks to your effort. J.C. will be bringing the water tanks tomorrow. That will be another problem solved. That's all for now. Andi

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