Friday, January 05, 2007
  My first blog..
I want to thank my oldest friend Peggy McFerron for so many things. First...she was totally selfless in her offering of her personal horse named Risk. For several reasons, I have not been able to accept her gracious offer. It is and will always remain in my heart as a wonderful offer on her part. I cannot say I was surprised since it was totally her nature to be so good to me. I have come to realize as we have grown older how much she totally fits the real friend mold. We have been friends since high school and those that have wronged me have remained enemies in her mind. Those that have been kind to me have a special place in her heart as well as mine. She is and will always be my real and oldest friend. I love you and hope you and Lou (the Looster) have so much peace and love in your life. I love him, too just because he is so devoted to my friend.


Edie, I am most humbled by your kind words. You are the dearest friend anyone could have and the sister I never had biologically. You have always been and will forever remain at the top of my list of blessings. In this lifetime there are few friends who go as far back as we do, but I am your "oldest" friend only because you are one year younger than me.
I still believe you should take RISK, as she is of the soundest and most dependable mounts I and others know of who could make the trip. But, as always, I respect your wishes and understand your reservations. With love and best wishes for a safe journey, Peg
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