Tuesday, January 02, 2007
  Help us name the RV
Hey everyone.Another day gone by.The four of us are haveing meetings every week now because our departure day is so rapidly approaching!I used three tubes of sealant today on the RV trying to close up the leaks.I think it's under control now.Had the tires checked and the breaks are done and getting the generator hooked up so we can have lights when there is no available electricity.Our RV has a few years on her but is really quite sound.We have been trying to come up with a name for her so if you have any ideas,please send them.Thepaypal and the link for Andi's book are up and running and that's a big plus.Andi's book is a good read.She has sure been thru alot.A very colorful lady.
OK,well,that's it for today.I'll klet you know what tomorrow is like.Meantime,it's your turn to write.Feel free to sign on as a blogger and talk to us.

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