Monday, January 01, 2007
Hey folks,Marla here.Well,2007 promises to be an interesting year for us.We spend our days now trying to tie up loose ends.Seems to be a lot of them!Things are really coming together though.
The RV has still got a few problems that we are working on.The horse trailer is in it's final stages of repair and coming along nicely.The team has already begun finding who's good at what and who's way to stay out of when they are working!
I'd like to say thanks to those who have been so instumental in getting us ready.
I understand the local vet,Dr.Melinda Gray, is preparing a first aide kit for the horses that we will take with us.Thanks so much.We'll send a postcartd and maybe when we get back you will prepare one of your famous coconut pies!!
There are so many people to thanks already.You know who you are.Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
We are really starting our countdown now .Only 38 days till departure!
I hope you all will follow along on this journey with us.Please fill free to ask questions about the locals while we are on the trip.I am so looking forward to all of the many colorful people we will encounter.
That's it for now.
Love to all,

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