Saturday, January 13, 2007
  Bye bye to my babies...
Today Robin and her crew and Maryanne and her crew came to help me break down the kennels. Kiah and Raven went to their new homes. It has been hard to foster out my "babies" in order to do this trip but I know they will be in very good hands and in wonderful loving homes. Robin, all her girls, Jessi and Ryan, and Maryanne and her family will never know how much I appreciate them for all their support and love. God has truly blessed me with wonderful friends that are family to me.... Edie is becoming quite the welder! She is doing a fantastic job on the trailer and the rack for the top. It is all coming together. I had my last check up at the Doctor yesterday and he said all systems were go. Marla and Wanda have each been trying to tie up the loose ends. Love to all...Andi

I hope all your wishes come true...
Naja's still doing great. We love her!
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