Wednesday, January 10, 2007
  Another day closer!
Good morning.The RV is at the shop getting the last little bit done to it.When we get it back ,we should be ready to start packing.It will be interesting to see how everything we want to take will fit,and what we have to cull out.The closer we get to leaving ,the more detailed our thought process is becoming.The big items are being taken care of and the little things are left.
One of my biggest concerns on the early part of this trip is for my ability to stay warm.My family has given me some very nice long underwear.Santa brought me a Carhart coat and I found some of those new high tech shirts to wear so I think I'll be able to stand it.Funny thing is that yesterday I found myself thinking I needed to pack shorts for when it gets hot!!!My brain never stops anymore.Anyway,all of that leads back to packing the RV and wondering how in the world I'll be able to get all of my clothes in there!!I think it's safe to say that Edie and Andi can probably carry all of thier things in a duffle bag so I expect they will be laughing at me.But that's ok.The less they carry,the more room I will have!TTFN(ta ta for now.)

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